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BOYS IN CARE – Strengthening Boys to pursue Care Occupations (BiC)
Project Partners

Boys in Care is constituted by a diverse and strong partnership that will ensure a good development of the project and high quality results.

The consortium consists of




 Dissens Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V -

Germany - http://www.dissens.de/







Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark – Austria  - http://www.vmg-steiermark.at/



The Peace Institute – Slovenia - http://www.mirovni-institut.si/en/about-the-peace-institute/



Instituto degli Innocenti – Italy - http://www.istitutodeglinnocenti.it/



Center of Women's Studies and Policies – Bulgaria - www.cwsp.bg



Center for Equality Advancement – Lithuania - http://gap.lt/en/ 



 Co-funded by the Rights, Equality
 and Citizenship (REC) Programme
 of the European Union

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On going projects
Projects 2017-2019
Projects 2016
Projects 2015
Projects 2014
Projects 2013
Projects 2010 - 2012
• Dialogue Creative Communication
• Self assessment of thir needs by family carers
• Gaining a Common Perspective for a European gendered democratic Policy (GCPEP)
Projects 2009
• Project "Advancement of Women Political Participation"
• Project Roots
• COFACE seminar "Dependent persons in EU: who cares about their family carers?"
• Gender and Development Cooperation
Projects 2007
• Project "Equal at School - Equal in Life"
• Project: "Gender Dimension of the Pension Reform in Bulgaria"
• Project “Equality for local development: gender mainstreaming in municipalities”
• Project "Training for women candidates for local elections"
Projects 2006
• Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
• Discussion "Is legal regulation of prostitution in Bulgaria needed?"
• Seminar for Political Participation of Women of LPI
• TV production Evropa television
Projects 2005
• Project "Gender Mainstreaming in public policies and programs"
• Project "Project: Learning Partnerships against Social Exclusion: Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs"
• Round table: Participation of Women in Politics and Decision Making
Projects 2004
• Project "National Empowerment Initiative for Minority Women at Risk"
• Project "Joint Monitoring and Training Program for Bulgaria and Turkey"
• Seminar"The Role of Local Authorities in Guaranteeing Gender Equality
• Conferance "Women - Science – Southeastern Europe"
Projects 2003
• Seminar for Women Elected in Local Governance
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Project Partners
Project Activities

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