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Open Call for Proposals

In 2006, the priority theme will be the promotion of gender equality, particularly in local development.


This theme will allow two different but complementary issues to be dealt with: on the one hand, how to encourage balanced participation of men and women in the various aspects of local development, both economic and social, and, on the other hand, how policies implemented at local level can encourage, on a daily basis, the promotion of gender equality.

This priority theme may be developed in areas such as economic life, equal participation and representation, social rights, civil life, gender roles and stereotypes.


The purpose of this call is to finance transnational projects to promote gender equality. These projects must associate parties from at least three countries which are Member States of the European Union, members of the European Economic Area or candidate countries which are participating in Strand 3 of the Programme in 2006, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Commission.


Examples of initiatives which might be chosen within the framework of strong transnational

cooperation aimed at creating added value at Community level:

  • analysis and comparison of existing situations and the effectiveness of the processes, methods and tools used to promote equality, particularly in local development;
  • exchanges of good practices and the gearing of good practices to different contexts;
  • development of products, strategies and methods;
  • awareness-raising activities, seminars;
  • dissemination of results;
  • production of material to reinforce visibility.

Eligible promoters

  • NGOs at European level
  • Social partners a) Social partners at EU level:
  • Regional or local authorities
  • Transnational networks of organisations which aim to promote gender equality

Eligible partners

  1. national authorities;
  2. regional and local authorities;
  3. bodies responsible for promoting gender equality;
  4. NGOs at Community and/or national level;
  5. the social partners (workers’ and employers’ organisations)
  6. universities and research institutes;
  7. national statistical institutes;
  8. media bodies.

Deadline: 28 April 2006



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