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Young Women are Building Bridges for EU
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The Flying Broom was founded and began its activities in 1996. The initial aim was to establish a network between women’s NGOs and to function as an information and documentation center. Over the years, the organization has raised many funds from both national and international sources for the implementation of projects under the scope of improving women’s status and capacity. Flying Broom is supported by a large circle of volunteers from women’s NGOs, the media, universities, individual activists etc. By promoting women's empowerment, it also aims at contributing to the process of democratization and development of a civil society in Turkey, in accordance with the international gender equality standards and principles formulated in Beijing (1995) and other international conferences and summits.


Source: Flying Broom / Uçan Süpürge


, is a center for documentation and information on women and family in France, Nimmes. CEDIFF’s aim is to develop the information about women in the country and to ease women to gain their rights and to facilitate also access to information about various gender issues. The organization provides information services to women and promotes gender equality through information.


Source: CEDIFF

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Projects 2006
Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
Discussion "Is legal regulation of prostitution in Bulgaria needed?"
Seminar for Political Participation of Women of LPI
TV production Evropa television
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Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
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