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Gender Mainstreaming










This page contains various resources in Bulgarian regarding gender mainstreaming:

·         theoretical issues;

·         international documents on gender mainstreaming issued by the UN and EU;

·         practical tools on how to mainstream gender into different programs/projects;

·         relevant case studies to promote best practices of gender mainstreaming.



The objective of this page is to improve local decision makers’ and civil society’s access to information and tools, for mainstreaming gender into the entire life cycle of their programs and activities in terms of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation. Because almost all NGOs and public institutions have Internet access, and the Internet represents one of the most convenient sources of information, CWSP will extend its website by including a comprehensive electronic gender mainstreaming resource center, with regularly updated information.




This page was developed with the collaboration of the Partnership for Equality Center, Bucharest..








The section on gender mainstreaming resources is in Bulgarian only. Sorry for the inconvenience!





This page has been developed with financial contribution from the Canadian International development Agency (CIDA) through the Governance Support Program.


The opinions expressed here belong to the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies (CWSP) and do not reflect the official position of CIDA.

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Project "Gender Mainstreaming in public policies and programs"
Project: Gender Mainstreaming in Public Policies and Programs
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Gender Mainstreaming Resources
Gender Mainstreaming
Project "Gender Mainstreaming in public policies and programs"
National Conference and International Expert Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming

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