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TV program on gender equality with TV Evropa
About the program

On 12 September 2006 the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies launches a joint TV production with TV Evropa, focused on gender equality issues in Bulgaria, specific problems of women and men, family policy, demographic policy issues, international and national legislation guaranteeing gender equality and prevention of gender-based discrimination, encouraging women in those areas traditionally considered as men’s “territory” and vice versa.


The program offers discussions on hot and pressing issues with interviews and guests in the studio – experts in different areas, representatives of the legislative and executive power as well as the non-governmental sector, scientists, artists, journalists, sociologists, political scientists etc.


We believe this will be a successful collaboration between the non-governmental sector and media in order to fill in a certain gap in our media space, which lacks focused, thorough and systematic coverage of these social relations, as well as to offer a look at our social, political, economic and cultural life through a gender lens.  


The topical program (in Bulgarian) will be broadcast every Tuesday at 20.30 within the program “This Evening” and will be repeated on the next day.


Information about the topics and guests


Your comments and suggestions on the contents and profile of this program will be welcome at our e-mail addresses:

Center of Women’s Studies and Policies: cwsp@cwsp.bg

TV Evropa, “This Evening”: tazivecher@tvevropa.com




More about gender equality: every Tuesday at 20:30 on TV Evropa !

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TV production Evropa television
About the program

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