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Gender Equality Monitoring Agency

is the core of CWSP and comprises the programs:

  • Equal Opportunities for Women and Men Monitoring Program
  • National Violence against Women Monitoring Program
  • Women and Economic Development
  • Minority Women
  • Women’s Health
  • Gender Education


Under GEMA are implemented all activities connected with conducting surveys and researches on the status of women, monitoring violence against women and maintains the country page of http://www.stopvaw.org, participating and promoting the 16 days campaign against gender based violence, participating in the breast cancer awareness campaign. As part of the OSI Network Women’s Program the CWSP participates in the Equal Opportunities for Women and Men Program (EONET) for monitoring the harmonization of the national legislations of 9 EU and candidate countries with the acquis communautaire in the field of equal treatment and prepares the report for Bulgaria. It is also an active member and National Monitor in the Stop Violence against Women International Program, in which 30 countries from SEE and the former Soviet Union participate.


Within GEMA is also published a specialized series of the conducted surveys and researches of CWSP. In 2004 GEMA published the following books: 

  • Social and economic infrastructure and guarantees for equal treatment of women in Bulgaria
  • Educational status of the Romani woman in Bulgaria
  • Women and men in Bulgarian Pension System
  • Bulgarian employers and women at work
  • Conceptual framework for equal treatment of women in Bulgaria


The books are in Bulgarian and could be purchased directly from our office. 


In 2005 CWSP continues this series with:

  • Equal opportunities for women and men: Monitoring law and practice in new member states and accession countries of the EU, monitoring report for 2005 under the EONET program (Executive Summary and Overview in English available in pdf format) 

Other activities implemented by CWSP under GEMA in 2003 - 2005:

  • Organized conferences: Sixth and Seventh National Annual Meetings of non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria, working on women’s, gender and equal opportunities issues (2004, 2005), National meeting of women leaders from different ethnic groups (2004); Women in Science – in partnership with the Austrian Science Liaison  Office, Sofia; (2004);
  • National Media Completions on presenting gender equality issues in printed and electronic media – with Media Development Center (2004, 2005);
  • Monitoring VAW – maintaining the country page of STOPVAW website: http://www.stopvaw.org
  • Participation in the 16-days Campaign against violence against women and the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign (2003 and 2004)
  • I’ll tell you about a Romani woman Annual National Essay Competition for school and university students of  Romani origin, two books published
  • Publication in English of ethnic women life stories Voices of Their Own, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian Association of University Women
  • Training of Romani male and female students in equal opportunities issues in order to prepare them to conduct a survey in their native communities on the cultural dimensions of the  issue of virginity and its restrictions on the access of girls and young women to education and labor market;
  • Articles and papers on the status of women in Bulgaria


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