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Center of Women’s Studies and Policies
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The Corridors of Power: Women and Men in Governance (2005)

The Corridors of Power: Women and Men in Governance
THE CORRIDORS OF POWER: WOMEN AND MEN IN GOVERNANCESeries: Gender Equality Monitoring AgencyAuthors: Magdanela Delinesheva, Tatyana KmetovaPublished by CWSP, Sofia 2005Pages: 32Paper-backed This publication of the CWSP on the political participation of ...


Projects and Events
CWSP participates in national and international projects, organizes or provides at invitation training on different gender issues for representatives of the central, regional and local administrations, as well as discussions forums, roundtables and confer...

Elections for Members of the European Parliament 2007

Results of the Elections for the European Parliament, 2007 г.
After the elections for the European Parliament, held on 20 May 2007, were elected 10 men and 8 women for MEPs from Bulgaria. Party/ Coalition Total Men Women % women Platform of European Socialists 5 3 2 40% National Mov...

Candidate lists for the Elections for Members of the European Parliament, 2007
On 20 May 2007 we are electing the first Bulgarian MEPs who will represent our country till the regular elections for the seventh European Parliament in June 2009. Till the accession of Bulgaria to the EU 18 members of the Bulgarian National Assembly we...

Violence against Women

Violence against Women
THE TOPIC OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN HAS BEEN ADDRESSED BY CWSP THROUGH THE YEARS WITH SEVERAL MAIN ACTIVITIES.Bulgaria? (fact sheet in English and Bulgarian) Monitoring the issue of violence against women in Bulgaria (research) Participation in the ...


Donated Books
The Center of Women's Studies and Policies distributes regularly its published editions at round tables, seminars, trainings and conferences on gender issues in Bulgaria and abroad. As an act of charity and in order to raise public awareness ...

2006 Campaign

The 16 days in 2006
The name of this-year 16 Days Campaign – Advance Human Rights – End Violence Against Women focuses public attention on the state’s responsibilities for implementing the international documents in the field of prevention and fight with violence against wom...

Academic Conference

Academic Conferences
Since 2006 the CWSP has initiated the organization of national academic conferences, dedicated to gender equality issues, which will gather the representatives of academia, working in that field. Because of the character of its work – providing informat...

Gender and Transition - 2006

National Academic Conference “Gender and Transition”
On 24 November 2006 the first National academic conference “Gender and transition” took place in Sofia. The conference was organized by the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies and aimed at providing representatives of different departments of the Bulga...


UNGASS in SHARP Focus is an initiative of the OSI/SHARP (sexual health and rights project). It’s purpose it to provide information about key sexual health and rights issues and activities arising in the process of the UNGASS review. It is directed both ...

Women"s Entrepreneurship

Project “Learning Partnerships against Social Exclusion: Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs”
The CWSP – Sofia initiated this joint project, covering the period of 1 August 2005 to 31 July 2006, with two partner organizations from Slovakia and Turkey – the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies Association – Bratislava and KADER Association for Su...

Project "Development of Entrepreneurship for Women at Risk" with Integra - BDS Association
The encouragement of women’s entrepreneurship is part of the program of CWSP focused on women’s participation in the economic development of the country. The project aims at the development of entrepreneurship for women at risk as a way for poverty and...


Appeal of the Participants in the 8th Annual Meeting, 2006

Women from Different Ethnic Groups

Activities and initiatives
The CWSP has extensive experience in working for and /or with women from different ethnic groups as well as with disadvantaged groups of women: · developing training programs and implementing trainings; · organizing conference and rou...

2005 Campaign

The 16 Days worldwide in 2005
The information about the 16 Days Campaign 2005 in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine is complied from the Stop Violence against women website, www.stopvaw.org ....

The 16 Days in Bulgaria
The 16 days campaign 2005 in Bulgaria officially started for a 15 time with a press conference organized by Nadja Center and the Bulgarian Media Coalition with the financial support of the British Embassy in Bulgaria on 25 November 2005. Given that this i...

For the health of women, For the health of the world: No more violence
Violence against women is traumatic to the body, mind, and spirit and can prevent women from being fully active participants at home and in the world. This year’s 16 Days campaign theme, as a continuation from 2004, emphasizes the connections between wome...

2004 Campaign

For the health of women, For the health of the world: No more violence
In 2004 the Campaign will be held for the 14th time and is under the slogan: For the health of women, For the health of the world: No more violence. The main focus of this year’s campaign in Bulgaria was connected with the improvement of the co-operation ...

Women’s Health

Women's Health Program
The CWSP tries to keep you informed and updated about major national and international initiatives and events with regard to women’s health problem areas. The Women’s Health Program encompasses CWSP’s activities in: 1) PARTICIPATION IN THE NATIONAL BREA...

Parliamentary Elections 2005

40 National Assembly
On 16 August 2005 the Parliament approved the new Government formed by three parties – Coalition for Bulgaria, Simeon the Second National Movement and Movement for Rights and Freedoms. After the conseqent formation of the political cabinets, the current d...

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