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Online courses of Network University, the Netherlands
(Source: The Network University)

The Network University, a centre for collaborative learning, has offered the online course ‘Gender and Conflict Transformation’ in the past years, to a broad audience of participants largely from developing countries. This course will again be offered from June 26 – July 23, 2006. In cooperation with Capacity Building International, Germany (InWEnt, www.inwent.org) the Network University has developed an online course ‘Gender Mainstreaming’, which will be offered in June as well.


TNU is a centre for collaborative learning. It's an international network of universities and outside experts. TNU is rooted in the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It offers innovative courses online, addressing the learning needs of a worldwide audience of professionals and students.

For more information and registration details please visit the website at www.netuni.nl, register at www.netuni.nl/courses, or contact Bart Overbeek at conflict@netuni.uva.nl


The Network University

Nijenburg 2a

P.O. Box 94603

1090 GP Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel +31 (0)20 5040007



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